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A block-face is one side of a street between two consecutive features intersecting that street. The features can be other streets or boundaries of standard geographic areas. Block-faces are used for generating block-face representative points, which in turn are used for geocoding and census data extraction when the street and address information are available

Postal addresses can be categorized as civic addresses or postal installation addresses. A civic address consists of street address number, a street name, municipality name and postal code. The street name may include a street type and direction. The street address number may include a suite and/or apartment number. (Canada Post Corporation, 2005a, p. 20-21).

Census subdivision (CSD) is the general term for municipalities (as determined by provincial and territorial legislation) or areas treated as municipal equivalents for statistical purposes (e.g., Indian reserves, Indian settlements and unorganized territories).

Census subdivision type
Census subdivisions (CSDs) are classified into 55 types according to official designations adopted by provincial/territorial or federal authorities. Two exceptions are 'Subdivision of unorganized (SNO)' in Newfoundland and Labrador, and 'Subdivision of county municipality (SC)' in Nova Scotia, which are geographic areas created as equivalents for municipalities by Statistics Canada, in cooperation with those provinces, for the purpose of disseminating statistical data. The census subdivision type accompanies the census subdivision name in order to distinguish CSDs from each other, for example, Granby, V (for the ville of Granby) and Granby, CT (for the municipalité de canton of Granby).

CPC community
The term "municipality" as in the Address Lookup File does not necessarily constitute the legally defined municipality at the time when Canada Post publishes its data. This term serves the purpose of preserving locally used names to prevent confusion in reference to the area serviced. To avoid confusion this term is referred to in this paper as the "CPC community".

Delivery installation
This is a local facility from which mail is delivered. post offices, stations, retail postal outlets, centre postal communitaires, and letter carrier depots are different categories of delivery installations. (Canada Post Corporation, 2005a, p. 22-23).

Dissemination area (DA)
A dissemination area (DA) is a small, relatively stable geographic unit composed of one or more adjacent dissemination blocks. It is the smallest standard geographic area for which all census data are disseminated. DAs cover all the territory of Canada.

Dissemination block (DB)
A dissemination block (DB) is an area bounded on all sides by roads and/or boundaries of standard geographic areas. The dissemination block is the smallest geographic area for which population and dwelling counts are disseminated. Dissemination blocks cover all the territory of Canada.

In general terms a dwelling is defined as a set of living quarters. Two types of dwelling are identified in the...

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  • Upper Tantallon (pronounced 'tan-TAL-en') is a community that extends from the Hammonds Plains Road (Route 213) to the crossroads of Trunk 3 and Route 333 within the Halifax Regional Municipality, 22.3 km west from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
    On June 13, 2008, a...

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nova scotia canada postal code
nova scotia canada postal code
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