Weather in Nova Scotia in June

Nova Scotia weather June 1, 2015

The ridge of high pressure that provided the sunny and warm weather on Saturday is now to our south and has virtually stalled there.

Then we have a cold front that slipped south across the region Sunda that cannot advance farther south because of the blocking ridge.

It looks like that ridge will be very slow in moving out with the result that the cold front and its wet, unsettled weather will persist over Nova Scotia for the next couple days. While this cold frontal trough sits over Nova Scotia much of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will be spared this wet weather, temporarily.

On Tuesday, an area of low pressure will develop and move along the trough-line and spread some of this wet weather to the north into northern New Brunswick and then east into Prince Edward Island.

However it is this area of low pressure moving in and spreading the wet weather around that will be responsible for taking the wet weather out for the latter half of the week and returning the sunshine.

Afternoon temperatures will recover to the normal – mid to high teens for the balance of the week after a pretty cool Tuesday.

Monday: Cloudy and cool with periods of rain and patchy fog. Rainfalls five to 10 millimetres. Wind Northeast 15 to 20 kilometres per hour.

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