Best Halifax Restaurants

Silver Winner The Bicycle Thief

Bronze Winner The Wooden Monkey, Halifax

“For us, it’s all tethered to that wholesome meal you’d have at your grandmother’s house, ” says Brooklyn’s George Christakos. He’s talking about his grandmother, Georgia, but he’s talking about yours, too. After seven years, and four consecutive Best Restaurant wins, the old-world dining experience is still a core value for Brooklyn Warehouse. But that’s not to say its not constantly evolving. “My father brings it back in to perspective, ” says Christakos of his business parter Leo. “He says ‘If there’s one thing we do here, it’s change.’” Just last year Brooklyn made a big move to do away with the same ol’ offerings when it debuted its daily-changing chalkboard menu, meaning lovers of the restaurant aren’t just coming in just for a specific favourite, but for the reliably great experience. “I’m really, really proud of the food that we put out, ” says Christakos. “I really trust Mark and the team in the kitchen.”

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