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Travel idea: 7 reasons to visit Nova Scotia

A guide to Nova Scotia: Attractions 1-4A rich history, the wonders of the ocean, a first-class culinary scene, and friendly people: you name it, Nova Scotia's got it.

If you're planning a trip to the East Coast, you'll find no shortage of fun things to do and beautiful places to see. Here are just seven reasons to visit Nova Scotia.

1. Halifax Maritime Museum of the Atlantic - Learn about the effects of World II on Halifax with incredible model ships and aircraft that'll take you back in time. Don't miss the Titanic exhibit ( where you can see relics from the "unsinkable ship, " including an intact medicine cabinet and pieces of the Titanic's great staircase. You'll also see an authentic deck chair from the ill-fated ship and you can sit in a replica for a photo op.

2. Art Gallery of Nova Scotia - A look into The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia permanent collection gives you a good summary of Halifax life and is a nice way to get to know the city. From folk artist Maud Lewis's eclectic home to kids workshops that nurture the youngest budding artists, The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia offers plenty of pleasing ways to spend a few hours as you peruse their extensive and impressive collections.

3. Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour - Step back in time to 1863 when brew master Alexander Keith was busy crafting his much-loved ale. Actors dressed in period costumes guide you through Mr. Keith's story, explain how to make beer and take you to the Stag's Head Tavern where adults can enjoy two beer samplings and live music. You'll end this tour with a new appreciation for Alexander Keith's beer and his life's work as a local politician, a businessman, a philanthropist and a quality-conscious brew master.

4. Pier 21 - For hundreds of thousands of immigrants who made Canada their new home, Pier 21 ( is where they took their first steps on Canadian soil. For the half a million Canadian troops who journeyed to Europe in World War II, Pier 21 was the last Canadian sight they saw before going off to battle. Today, Pier 21 is an immigration museum on Halifax's harbour where you can stop by for interesting exhibits that reveal stories of the million people who passed through the pier.

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  • Hal-Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Comic Convention, commonly known as Hal-Con, was founded in the 1970s and revived in the 2010s. It is traditionally an annual weekend event held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Atlantic Canada and held at the end of fall.
    Originally showcasing...

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O Canada Visto do Ar 4 Nova Scotia
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OUT AND ABOUT: 5 things to do in Nova Scotia this weekend
OUT AND ABOUT: 5 things to do in Nova Scotia this weekend

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