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List of Cineplex Entertainment movie theatres

This is a list of Canadian movie theatres operated by Cineplex Entertainment, under the Galaxy, Cineplex Odeon, SilverCity, Cinema City, Famous Players, Colossus, Scotiabank Theatre, Cineplex Cinemas and Cineplex VIP Cinemas brandings.

Cineplex Cinemas (French: Cinémas Cineplex is the company's most widespread banner, with 90 locations as of June 2015. Although 42 of these locaitons carry the older Cineplex Odeon banner, the concept is the same. The newest locations feature a wide variety of movies and a variety of branded concessions. Locations range from small mall multiplexes to large, ultra-modern locations. Most locations are designated in larger populated cities.

The group runs 20 SilverCity cinemas outside of Quebec, plus two StarCité locations in the Gatineau and Montreal cities of Quebec. The brand originated by Famous Players and was continued by Cineplex since both companies' merger. The last location built was at Fairview Mall. Each theatre has 7 to 20 screens, with the majority having 10 or 12 screens. Twelve locations feature UltraAVX in one of their screens, while another four locations use UltraAVX for two of their screens. Seven locations feature IMAX Digital in one of their screens. Six locations feature an Xscape arcade.

Many locations formerly branded as SilverCity or StarCité have since been closed, sold or rebranded. Notably, SilverCity Mississauga opened in 1997 as the first location under the banner, but closed on May 1, 2014. Also closed was the StarCité at Sainte-Foy, Quebec City, which opened on April 12, 2000 and closed on February 27, 2007. Cineplex acquired it in 2005 and sold it to Fortune Cinemas in 2006 because a nearly identical theatre next door, Cineplex Odeon Ste-Foy, is in operation since May 2000. Another five SilverCity locations were sold to Empire Theatres in 2005, which sold four of these to Landmark Cinemas and one (Empress Walk) back to Cineplex in 2013. The 2010s saw the latter location, along with at least four other former SilverCity locations now owned by Cineplex, get rebranded to other Cineplex brands.

Galaxy Cinemas is the predominant brand in mid-sized markets where there has historically been little or no competition, even prior to the Cineplex-Famous Players merger. All have been built since the mid-1990s, although some were renovated from (or replaced) smaller Cineplex Odeon or Famous Players locations. These locations feature six or more screens, branded concessions and stadium-style seating, much like SilverCity. There are 33 Galaxy Cinemas locations as of December 2015. The Galaxy Saskatoon theatre built in 2006 was rebranded as Scotiabank Theatre and VIP. The Galaxy Sherwood Park and the Galaxy Regina theatre was rebranded under the Cineplex Cinemas brand in 2015.

The Famous Players brand encompasses a number of different banners and theatre designs, many of which were developed during the chain's suburban expansion, such as power centres in the late 1990s. The Famous Players banner by itself is now primarily used on seven relatively "traditional" theatres, with three to ten screens and traditional concessions at each location. Except for the Prince Rupert location, each theatre has two to four RealD 3D digital screens.

Cineplex currently has 15 Cineplex VIP Cinemas presented by Scotiabank. Cineplex debuted this purpose-built concept around 1998 at Cineplex Odeon Varsity & VIP in Toronto, Ontario. VIP Cinemas are an enclosed space separate from the rest of the theatre, but implementation varies per theatre. For example, Lansdowne is a condensed location in Ottawa that has the VIP ticket booth on the first floor and the four VIP screens in one section of the third floor. The Queensway location at Etobicoke, on the other hand, has a separate building and entrance for its VIP cinemas and lounge. Cineplex VIP Don Mills is first VIP-only location. It features five screens, three which are 3D-capable.

The VIP area has a stylized entrance, licensed lounge and bar with alcohol available to be served, alternative and traditional concessions food/drink products available in the lounge space, at a concession stand, and through in-theatre service. Due to the service of alcoholic beverages to guests, these spaces are only for guests who are 19+ (18+ in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec). Inside each auditorium, there is reserved luxury seating complete (in most locations) with wide, leather, recliner-style seats and swing-out tray-tables. The movie selection is also adapted to this demographic, with a higher proportion of titles rated 14A and 18A, and such movies can even be exclusive to VIP within locations that play them. For example, the screenings for and at the Lansdowne location are exclusive to VIP.

Eight Cineplex complexes use the Scotiabank Theatre banner, though in the case of Montreal, Cinémas Banque Scotia is the main banner instead. Naming is based on the customer-loyalty program agreement made in 2007 between Cineplex and Scotiabank. These are treated as a flagship theatre for their area/region, and represents a premium corporate brand within the company, offering corporate and group events to wealthier/privileged clientle (stockholders, company executives, etc.) in addition to the assorted amenities offered through Cineplex Entertainment locations of other brands.

The first four locations opened in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver by Famous Players as Paramount theatres. Cineplex had to discontinue the Paramount branding when it acquired the theatres, so it rebranded them to Scotiabank.

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