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Nova Scotia boy spends free time shoveling snow from fire hydrants

When 10-year-old Nash Reid Bancroft heard the village wanted people to adopt fire hydrants, he took it seriously.

Following a recent storm, he spent part of his snow day clearing the area around two hydrants on his street.

Nash’s mother, Jolene Reid, told him about the adopt-a-hydrant program, which is being promoted on the sign outside of the village hall and in the newsletter.

“When she told me I thought we should do it because if we didn’t and somebody’s house caught on fire the firefighters wouldn’t be able to find the hydrant, ” he said. “I think other people should do it, too. It’s not a lot of work.”

Nash helps with clearing the decks and driveway at home. When he was living in another area he used to sneak over to help shovel a driveway for elderly neighbours. He plans to help keep the nearby hydrants on Hillcrest Avenue snow-free and hopes others will join in the effort.

Although more snow just brings more work, he realizes moving it can be good exercise and he likes being outside, particularly when there are no wasps around.

When he’s not clearing snow Nash likes to spend some of his free time playing trombone or, in the summer, playing soccer and golf.

The Village of Bible Hill values the efforts of Nash and others following his example. When hydrants are hidden by snow, firefighters can lose valuable time locating them and shoveling them clear.

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