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Nova Scotia Real Estate Listings

They call it Canada's Ocean Playground, and it's no wonder why. The Atlantic Ocean plays a starring role in Nova Scotia's landscape, its economy and culture.

Nova Scotia's only land connection to mainland Canada is via the Isthmus of Chignecto - a 27-kilometre wide strip of land that links the province to New Brunswick. The rest of Canada's second smallest province is surrounded by ocean. In fact, no one place is more than 55 km from ocean coast. Nova Scotia is famous for quaint seaside fishing villages and lighthouses like the one found at Peggy's Cove, perhaps Nova Scotia's most photographed landmark.

For years the Nova Scotia economy depended heavily on the fishing industry, but today, with depleting fish stocks and government quotas, the economy has had to diversify. Tourism, forestry and coal mining are core Nova Scotian industries.

Nova Scotia's capital city, Halifax, is also its largest. Its deep, ice-free harbour with close proximity to New York and the Saint Lawrence Seaway has helped establish the Port of Halifax as Canada's busiest east coast shipping center. Canada's largest east-coast naval base is situated in Halifax Harbour.

Entertainment is never far off in Nova Scotia. A wealth of theatre, festivals and other attractions are available year-round throughout the province. Street performers juggle flaming batons and perform feats of magic before crowds in Halifax during the city's annual Busker Festival. In Antigonish, kilt-clad athletes compete in the Scottish Highland Games. A wealth of parks, historic sites, museums, art galleries and theatres round out Nova Scotia's vibrant entertainment scene.

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  • Westendorp v. The Queen, [1983] 1 S.C.R. 43 was a decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on the Constitution's criminal law power. A unanimous Court found that a municipal-by law, which prohibited standing in the street for the purpose of prostitution, was struck...

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listings | details | Red Door Realty | Nova Scotia Real Estate
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