Town of New Scotland

Town Clerk | New Scotland, NY

Welcome to the office of the Town Clerk. Historically, this office has been the direct link between residents and their local government. It is our pleasure to invite you to familiarize yourself with the office and the variety of services available. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us. The Town Clerk's office is frequently considered the center of town government. Questions are answered about all town departments in regard to where information may be located.

Licensing is a primary function of this office. The following types of licenses are issued:

  • Conservation licensing
  • Dog Licenses
  • Games of chance licensing
  • Marriage licensing - $40

Other Services

Recording Secretary
As the recording secretary, the clerk authors minutes books, the official record of the activities of town government. The resulting volumes are permanently retained for legal and historic purposes.

Filing Officer
As the filing officer, the clerk:

  • Maintains a public signboard as well as advertises and receives bids for purchase of town materials.
  • Maintains records of:
    • Adopted town ordinances and local laws
    • Annual budgets
    • Assessment rolls
    • Bonds/notes registers
    • Fiscal reports
    • Maps
    • Petitions
    • Proof of publication
    • Resignations
    • Town oaths of office
    • Zoning ordinances

    Election Coordinator
    In accordance with federal and State regulation, the town clerk becomes the coordinator for primary and general elections. The clerk's duties include:

    • Advising the state of vacancies for elections
    • Filing of boundaries for election districts
    • Overseeing polling places, equipment and election inspectors

    Records Management Officer Duties

    • Administrator of the Freedom of Information Law, which guarantees your rights to know the workings of government
    • Custodian of all town records and responsible for active files, storage and disposition of inactive record and the careful maintenance of archival material

    In the past, microfilming projects helped preserve town records. Through additional grant applications, this process will continue. The following information is currently available on microfilm:

    • Assessment Rolls 1958-1997
    • Special Use Applications 1-402
    • Town Board Minutes 1833-1990

It's Interesting

  • New Scotland is a town in Albany County, New York, United States. The population was 8,648 at the 2010 census.
    The town is southwest of Albany, New York, the state capital. New Scotland is centrally located in the county.
    The town was settled around 1660. New...

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