Nova Scotia jobs in demand

Hiring Demand

Online Job Postings, February-2011 to February-2015, Nova Scotia. Please see data link below for complete details.

Job Postings

Online job postings follow a seasonal pattern with peak postings taking place in the spring and summer months. Since February 2010, the highest number of online job postings were in May 2010 and the least were observed in December 2012. The monthly average of online job postings in 2013 was 2, 825 which was higher than the monthly average (2, 630) in 2012, but lower than the monthly average (2, 926) observed in 2011.

Source: Wanted Technologies, New Jobs (Excludes Bulk employers, Anonymous employers, third party postings and Kijiji), Accessed, April, 2015. (Data)

Job Postings by Occupation

The overall number of new jobs posted online increased slightly in 2014 compared to 2013. Seven out of ten occupational groups had positive growth in new jobs posted online. The Occupations unique to processing, manufacturing and utilities group had the highest online job postings growth at 21% in 2014 compared to 2013. Management occupations, occupations unique to primary industry and Natural and Applied Sciences and Related occupations groups were the only groups which saw a decline in online jobs postings in 2014 compared to 2013. Occupations with higher job vacancy rates, high turnover, and/or requirements for scarce qualifications may exhibit high levels of online job postings compared to others.

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