Apartments in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Advice on apartment hunting in Halifax, Nova Scotia

How should I search for an apartment in Halifax, Nova Scotia? What are some good resources to help would-be renters learn about the rental market in Halifax? What are some apartment rental agencies that have a good reputation? What are the ones to avoid? Are there any areas of the city to avoid? I’ve never been to Halifax and know nothing about living there.
I’m looking to rent a 1 bedroom or bachelor apartment to begin September 1. I’m in my 30s and am not a university or college student. The most important things to me are the safety and cleanliness of the apartment and the quality of the landlord. I’m willing to be far outside of the downtown if needed. I’d like to pay around $800-$900 per month.

My plan is to go to Halifax in about two weeks with some scheduled appointments to look at various units. I would especially welcome advice about which agencies/buildings are worth looking into. Google searches have turned up various agencies (Killam Properties, Templeton Properties, Northpoint Properties, Paramount Management, Timbercreek Communities, etc), but it’s all too easy to find a few extremely negative reviews of each. Any help about which company to rent from would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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