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10-digit dialing and new area code coming in 2014 to Nova Scotia

The popularity of new communications services and the ever-growing demand for new telephone numbers will soon result in the 902 area code reaching its capacity.

As a result the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has determined that customers will need to adopt 10-digit dialing for all local calls within the 902 area code as of August 23, 2014. In addition, starting in November 2014, a new area code will be introduced – area code 782. These changes are designed to handle increased demand, but will not result in any changes to local dialing rates.

Key dates to remember

For additional information, please refer to our frequently asked questions below.

Q1. What is 10-digit local dialing?

A1. 10-digit local dialing means that the caller must dial the area code (three digits) followed by the phone number (seven digits) for all local communications.

Q2. What regions are affected by 10-digit local dialing?

A2. The regions covered by area code 902 in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will adopt 10-digit dialing for all local calls. This dialing method is already used in several major Canadian cities.

Q3. When should residents and businesses start using the area code in local calls in the 902 region?

A3. Telephone service providers are currently able to support 10-digit local dialing. Business and residential customers will need to adopt 10-digit dialing before August 23, 2014.

Q4. What will happen if residents and businesses dial a seven-digit number after this date?

A4. A network announcement will remind them to use 10-digit dialing the next time. Because this message may disrupt data transmission (faxes, Internet, etc.), it reinforces the importance of quickly adopting 10-digit dialing. Starting November 16, 2014, all local calls will have to be preceded by the area code, otherwise they will not be connected.

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