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Workopolis is Canada’s largest and most popular online job site. They’ve been helping Canadians find jobs and connecting employers with the high-quality candidates they need since 2000.

In addition to the millions of monthly visitors to our website, Workopolis reaches people with opportunities across the web through exclusive partnerships and community sites as well as through innovative use of social networking sites and mobile device functionality.

Along with displaying between 30, 000 and 50, 000 mobile friendly job opportunities at any given time, Workopolis also helps Canadians further their careers with tools that make their job searches easier such as Job Alert emails and real-time tweets of industry/location specific jobs. Candidates can also post their resumes online in order to quickly and easily apply to opportunities from anywhere, and to be discovered by one of the top recruiters who search our database 16, 000 times a day. Workopolis is also the country’s go-to source for the latest career news, insights and advice.

Workopolis offers customized recruitment solutions for businesses big and small. From Job Postings, to Resume Database with millions of searchable candidates, to specialized products like Talent Acquisition System (by iCIMS), They offer unique solutions for each and every business depending on recruitment needs.

100% Canadian owned and operated, Workopolis is an equal partnership between Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation, and Square Victoria Digital Properties Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada.

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