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Profiles and university specific information about universities in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Halifax university profiles include key facts and statistics, visiting and applying information, tuition fees and financial aid and key links for studying, locating libraries, conducting research and discovering student groups and services available at each university.

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Profiles of Universities Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dalhousie University: Main Campus
Upwards of 175 undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs are offered at Dalhousie University.
Mount Saint Vincent University: Main Campus
Mount Saint Vincent University has 35 undergraduate and 13 graduate programs.
NSCAD University: Main Campus
Undergraduate and graduate degrees in Foundation, Historical and Critical Studies, Craft, Design, Fine Arts and Media Arts are offered at NSCAD University.
St. Mary's University: Main Campus
More than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as part-time continuing education programs, are available at St. Mary's University.
University of King's College: Main Campus
The University of King’s College has 6 degree programs from the Humanities in Contemporary Studies, Early Modern Studies, History of Science and Technology, and Journalism along with opportunities to take courses and programs from Dalhousie University.

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  • The Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS) was a university in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada until it became part of Dalhousie University in 1997. It was formerly the Nova Scotia Technical College and is today the Sexton Campus of Dalhousie University.
    In the...

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