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In many ways, the town is the cultural and commercial hub of Antigonish County and Guysborough County. The landscape here is peppered with waterfront cottages, heritage museums, and quaint shops. None of the hustle and bustle of a big city will catch up with you here. Enjoy a slow pace and relaxing atmosphere in a naturally captivating town. The city’s Gaelic heritage is reflected in its cuisine, music, and crafts.

The Local Climate

The Atlantic Ocean moderates the climate of surreal Nova Scotia. This phenomenon makes the region one of the warmest portions of Canada throughout the year. The temperature and landscape elegantly morph as the seasons pass. Springtime temperatures range between 1 degree Celsius and 17 degrees Celsius. Plan for comfortable days near 20 degrees Celsius during a summertime visit. The atmosphere remains comfortable and accommodating when autumn ushers in temperatures between 5 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. Things hover just above the freezing mark when winter roars into existence. The landscape turns downright ethereal when a touch of white snow sparkles under a pale sky on a winter day. You can count on the fact that Antigonish hotels offer comfort and luxury regardless of what time of year you plan your holiday.

Top Attractions in Antigonish

Most of the shops, museums, and galleries in town are concentrated near Main Street. Do rent a car to make excursions to Arisaig Provincial Park, Beaver Mountain Park, Pomquet Beach, and Cape George Trail. Breathtaking cliffs, waves, trails, and lighthouses await you at these popular locations. After a night of dreaming about your fun adventures, you’ll love waking up inside your lovely Antigonish hotel feeling refreshed enough to go out and do it all again.

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