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"This is the most supportive work environment I've ever been a part of. I know it sounds cliché but it feels like a family. You get to know a lot of people. The work environment feels like a community. Even in a situation where you might feel overwhelmed, there's a lot of support systems available to you. There is so much support; much more than other work environments I've experienced."

Chris Murdoch
Student Recruitment Coordinator
Student Recruitment, Recruitment and Admissions

"Although NSCC is a large organization with many different locations, departments and divisions; it doesn't have a "corporate" feel about it. It is a familiar and friendly environment where I'm just as likely to have the President say "hi" to me in the hallway as I am anyone else."

Marie Dutka
Information Services Lead, Information Technology
IT Campus

"One of the best things about NSCC is the students who come and are truly interested in their trade. They can flourish here. It's a safe and respectful environment. There's no judgment here. I'm here to help people fulfill their dreams. And this place enables me to do that."

Bruce Ward
Faculty, School of Trades & Technology
Kingstec Campus

"NSCC is such a great place to work because you're part of a team. Everything you do is part of something bigger. I'm not by myself; I can ask questions and can ask for help. You have to be a team player to work here because that's just how we work here. NSCC becomes like a family."

Sophie Hoeg
Administrative Assistant, School of Business
Truro Campus

"I would tell someone who wanted to work at NSCC that it's one of the greatest experiences you will ever have. It is a team of professionals that really want to make a difference in people's lives. I can't think of a more inspiring thing than working towards that. Literally changing lives every day."

Bruce Hubley

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  • The Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) is located in the village of Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.
    COGS traces its history to 1948 when the Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute (NSLSI) was established by Major J.A.H. Church (Retired) as a training institution for survey...
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