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Buying home insurance can be confusing. And it’s particularly important to get all the details right first time so there are no problems later on. That’s why we’ve created an easy checklist, so you’ll have all the details you need when you apply.

1. Know what you’re already covered for. Check whether you have any home insurance or other cover as part of another financial product. Like a current account with insurance as an extra. But check the cover also meets your needs.

2. Gather together a bit of info about your home. You’ll need to have the following details to hand when applying for any home insurance:

  • The age of the property
  • Whether it’s listed
  • The type of property – bungalow, town house, maisonette or semi-detached?
  • How long you’ve lived there
  • Whether you’re renting or own the property
  • Is the property used for business?
  • Who is living there – is it just you and your family, or anyone else?

3. Your home security. Does your home have an alarm or other intruder protection? Do you know what types of locks you have on your windows and doors?

4. We’ll also need to know more about you, like your name and date of birth, occupation and contact details.

5. Your home insurance history. Have you had buildings or contents insurance in the past? How long for? Have you ever made a claim? And if so, when and how much for?

6. If you’re taking out contents insurance. What are the most expensive items you’re insuring? What’s the total value? We’ll use this to work out how much cover you need.

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