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Classic Account

Classic AccountOverdrafts

This account comes with up to £25 interest and fee free Planned Overdraft (subject to application and approval).

Any overdraft we agree is repayable on demand, including any fees or interest and subject to application and approval. You must be 18 years old or over to apply.

Representative example
If you use a Planned Overdraft of £1, 200 on our Classic Account the overdraft interest rate we charge on the first £25 will be 0% EAR variable. The overdraft interest rate on the next £1, 175 will be 19.94% EAR variable and a Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee of £6 will apply.

For £10 a month Control can help you stay on top of your finances and avoid Unplanned Overdraft borrowing. There are some exceptions to this, which mean you could still go into an Unplanned Overdraft, including, if you've used your debit card somewhere where a retailer can't check with us, like on an aeroplane, and if the Planned Overdraft limit on your account is reduced and you don't have enough money to keep within your new limit.

Everyday Offers
Earn up to 15% cashback with Everyday Offers and the chance to win one of your purchases back up to the value of £500 on a monthly basis with ‘It's on Us’.

To be eligible for Everyday Offers you need to be over 18, have a Bank of Scotland current account, a Bank of Scotland debit and/or credit card and be registered for Internet Banking. Once you’ve activated Everyday Offers, just activate each offer to earn cashback on your next purchase. You can activate 'It’s On Us‘ in the Everyday Offers section of Internet Banking.

Save the Change®
Sign-up to Save the Change® and as long as you are in credit, every time you make a purchase with your debit card, the difference will be rounded up to the nearest pound and transferred from your current account into an eligible Bank of Scotland savings account.

Joint accounts

  • Two people using one account - a simple way to share spends and see them on one monthly statement
  • Both account holders get a Visa debit card
  • Both account holders can also separately set up and manage Internet Banking

Open a new joint account with us

  • Add the other account holder by filling out a short form at the end of your current account application
  • If you are applying for a new current account online, you may be offered an overdraft just in your name - please do not accept this. You will need to apply for an overdraft once the other account holder is added.

Alternatively, make an appointment at your nearest branch.
Don’t forget to take identification and if the other account holder is not an existing Bank of Scotland customer they will need to provide identification - view acceptable forms of identification.

Add another person to your existing Classic Account
If you are registered for Internet Banking, log in and simply follow the on-screen instructions in our online form.

Looking to switch your joint account to us?

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