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The Bicycle Thief

When I've gone here for dinner a few times around 5pm, the place usually isn't at all busy that early, maybe 1/4 full. Generally by 6, the entranceway is busy with people waiting, especially on weekends. So reservations definitely would be required if you want a guaranteed table! The good thing about coming here in the summer months is the patio and obviously that increases the seating capacity by a lot. Overall, the atmosphere is very nice, with random contemporary decor such as old books, odd lamps, etc. with lots of natural lighting during the day, quite dark at night, different sized formal tables, and I would guess a capacity of at least 100. There's a nice outdoor bar to sit at even in the winter though, as it has the tall portable heaters. Friendly, efficient staff each time.
The food: free white bread with thickly sliced with a roasted red pepper hummus (?) is pretty good. Yummy puff pastry crostata appetizer (local goat cheese, arugula, brown sugar roasted shallots, sundriedb tomato pesto, fresh chives 11.). Very tasty red ravioli (and stuffed with ricotta, mascarpone, spinach, fresh herbs, light cream sauce 18) but a very small portion for dinner sized, so if you are hungry, you will definitely need an appetizer with it. The charred Italian artichoke & creamy spinach dip, gratinéed with grana padano, roasted garlic crostini $11 is very good, with unlimited crostini, and more filling than it looks. The dip was quite hot and I had to eat it slowly to prevent burning my mouth. The penne 4-formaggi, with gorgonzola, mascarpone, grana padano, pecorino toscano, cream, topped with Sicilian pistachios & breadcrumbs 18, is very good and a much more filling portion size than the ravioli, if you happen to be a vegetarian pasta-aholic like myself. I couldn't actually finish the penne, and I can eat a ton. My partner enjoyed the tagliata, peppercorn crusted beef tenderloin, sliced, served rare, E.V. olive oil & aged balsamic drizzle, whole mushroom & vidalia onion sauté, Sea salted hand cut frites 31, but wasn't full afterwards. The tenderloin is sliced, the fries are served in a metallic basket, the vegetables are crisp and delicious (I stole some of his). Daily special mushroom risotto one time was very good (don't remember the list of ingredients listed on the chalk board), not too filling but a decent enough portion size for lunch. This salad: 'lovely Italian greens, roasted butternut squash, sweet red peppers &...

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  • The Bicycle Thief was a band fronted by Bob Forrest. After a break from the music industry after the demise of his previous band, Thelonious Monster, Forrest started jamming with Josh Klinghoffer (a friend of Forrest's girlfriend's brother) and in 1997 they played a...
Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax--Public gardens . Gazebo in public gardens, Halifax, Nova Scotia. photo early 1900s Vintage 8x10 Photograph - Ready to Frame
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  • Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax--Public gardens . Gazebo in public gardens, Halifax, Nova Scotia. photo early 1900s Vintage 8x10 Photograph -
  • Photograph size: 8 x 10
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