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Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sydney, settled in 1783 by Loyalists from New York and New Hampshire, is Nova Scotia's third largest city. In the early 1800s the opening of the coal mines attracted a large number of Scottish settlers. When a steel plant opened at the turn of the century the arrival of a large number of eastern European settlers added significantly to both the size and diversity of Sydney's population. Just outside the town visitors can step back in time at Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Canada's largest historical reconstruction. The town within the fortress was once France's administrative, military and commercial heart in North America. The reconstruction has seen the town all but restored to the year 1740, the peak of its importance. There are period blacksmith shops, bakeries, music, dancing and crowds of genuinely costumed local folk going about the business of an 18th century town. Sydney is also the gateway to the spectacular beauty of the Cape Breton highlands and the superb cruising of the Bras d'Or Lakes. Just an hour from Sydney the beautiful little town of Baddeck, summer home of Alexander Graham Bell, affords the visitor an opportunity to explore the extraordinary Alexander Graham Bell Museum.


The three ports of Sydney, North Sydney and Sydport are nestled in Sydney's deep harbour and are centrally located near many tourist destinations. Sydney Dock is a short three-minute walk from downtown Sydney. The landlocked harbour affords safe anchorage for a large number of ships of any size with depths ranging from 12.2 m to 18.3 m (40 - 60 ft). Controlling depth in the channel is 1.6 m (38 ft) at lowest normal tides.
Sydney: The berthing length of the west face is 242 m (794 ft) with a 9.1 m (30 ft) low water depth. The 140-m (460-ft) extension to the dock by is nearly complete.
North Sydney: Transport Canada Wharf (North) is 122 m (400 ft) long with a low water depth of 7-7.6 m (23-25 ft) on both sides.
Sydport: The outer face of the Sydport main jetty is 259 m (850 ft) with a 11 m (36 ft) depth at low water. The inner face is 244 m (800 ft) long with an 8 m (26-ft) depth at low water.

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  • Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald (1914–1987) was a renowned Cape Breton fiddler. He was a pioneer in recorded performances of the music, and has heavily influenced the style and repertoire of later generations of players.
    Fitzgerald was born on February 16, 1914 at White...
Descriptive Note On the Sydney Coal Field, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: To Accompany a Rev. Ed. of the Geological Map of the Coal Field, Being Sheets 133, 134, 135 N.S.
Book (Ulan Press)

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