Population of Truro Nova Scotia

Population growth in Truro area among the highest in the province

TRURO - The Truro area is among the fastest-growing regions in Nova Scotia, according to a new census report from Statistics Canada.

The figures issued from last year's national census show Truro, Bible Hill and Truro Heights reached a population of 23, 261 last year. That's a four per cent increase from 2006, which means almost 900 people moved into the Colchester County's central urban core during the past five years.

The population of Truro alone increased by 2.5 per cent since the last census in 2006 (from 11, 765 to 12, 059 people) and that is something to be proud of, said Truro Mayor Bill Mills.

"I'm quite thrilled with it, " Mills told the Truro Daily News. "The future looks very bright and we need to continue to focus on the positives. We have a lot here, " he said, listing sites such as the new junior high school, two new elementary schools, water and waste-water treatment plants, a cultural centre, new hospital and civic centre.

Mills believes a high level of co-operation with other levels of government and community members and a long-term sustainability plan leads to success.

"We do have a plan and I do believe we are seeing the fruit of it. We look three to five years ahead, " he said. "A lot of people work extremely hard to make this area what it can be, more attractive, opening new opportunities for growth, renewing old infrastructure like the Truro Farmers' Market and small business development."

And although Truro's growth fell below the national growth rate of 5.9 per cent, this area's growth was higher than the province's growth, which was 0.9 per cent (from 913, 000 to 921, 000).

The Colchester Regional Development Association (CoRDA) is also thrilled with the census results. The association was pleased that the rest of Colchester County also gained population, with preliminary numbers showing the strongest rural population growth in West Colchester, followed by steady growth in the region that includes North River, Valley and Tatamagouche. Colchester's population as a whole is about 51, 000 people. However, of close to 1, 000 people who relocated to Colchester County, the majority chose Truro, Bible Hill, Valley and Truro Heights as their communities.

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  • Truro (2011 population 12,059; urban area population 22,777 , conglomeration area population 45,888 ) is a town in central Nova Scotia, Canada. Truro is the shire town of Colchester County and is located on the south side of the Salmon River floodplain, close to the...
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