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If you are planning to subdivide land or build a house in Nova Scotia, there are multiple levels of government and various agencies involved in the process. The Municipal Units oversee the building permit and subdivision process and coordinate the steps from the application process to the final approval. To search for contacts in the appropriate municipality, click on the link below.

Building a House

To ensure the safety of your building project, the Building and Plumbing Code and its regulations are in effect for construction exceeding $5000 and for structural changes. Required permits are issued by the municipalities. To find the Act and Regulations, please follow the links below.

Once you have determined that you need a building permit, you must deal with the municipality in which you will be building. Some municipalities have an application for a building permit online; others do not. If an application for your municipality is not online, contact the development officer or building inspector by clicking on the link below.

To locate a builder in your area, visit the link below.

Subdividing Land

If you're planning to subdivide land and aren't sure whether you need to apply for approval, or if you determine that approval is needed, the links below will help.

Development and the Environment
If your water source will be well water, the links below will help you get your water tested or get a well drilled.

There are regulations involved with on-site septic systems. If you plan to construct one on your property, the information at the link below will guide your through the process.

Alterations to any wetlands or watercourses in Nova Scotia are subject to approval from the Department of Environment. Will you need an approval? Click on one of the links below.

Creating a New Condo Corp

In order for land or buildings to be divided for the sale and use as condominiums in Nova Scotia, the developer (whether a person or company) must apply for registration at SNSMR's Business Licensing and Registration service. Information and documents must be filed, fees paid, and the property must be inspected by the Deputy Registrar. To learn how to register a Condo Corp, click on the link below.

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