Schools in Sydney Nova Scotia

Sydney Academy

In 1882, a new eight-room building was erected on the corner of George and Dorchester Streets at a cost of $6000. It was architecturally one of the finest wooden buildings for its purpose in the province. The grounds, containing about three acres, were divided into separate areas for boys and girls.

The fourth building[edit]

Due to the influx of people arriving in Sydney to work at the Steel Plant, a new Academy was built in 1901 to accommodate an increasing number of students. This three-story brick and stone building was located next to the previous Academy and contained modern facilities such as a chemical and physical laboratory as well as an assembly hall capable of seating up to 500 people. The $30, 000 building later became Central School. It currently houses senior administration of the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.

The fifth building[edit]

Overcrowding soon resulted in the need for yet another larger building. So, a fifth building was built in 1911 for $53, 000 at the corner of Terrace and Park streets. This building later became known as "the Old Academy" and eventually became Park Junior High.

The sixth building[edit]

The present-day steel and glass Sydney Academy was built at 49 Terrace Street and was officially opened on September 8, 1959. The school was experiencing an exponential growth that came from the coal mining boom in Cape Breton. At the time of opening, the gymnasium of the new school was said to be the best in the Maritimes with a seating capacity of 2400. The cost of this building was $1, 250, 000. A major addition was made to the building in 1968, with sixteen classrooms being added to accommodate the business students. This section is still referred to as the "new wing" today.


In 1884, the Sydney Academy Debating Society was formed. It continues to gain much recognition for the success of its debaters today.

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  • Daniel Duncan McKenzie, PC (January 8, 1859 – June 8, 1927) was a Canadian lawyer, judge, and politician.
    Born in Lake Ainslie, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the son of Duncan and Jessie (McMillan) Mckenzie, McKenzie was educated at the Public Schools and at the Sydney...
An analysis of factors affecting the levels of retail sales in Winnepeg, Ontario and Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada: A threshold analysis (Working paper ... Research, University of Minnesota, Duluth)
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